April 14, 2024
The Advantages of Hiring a Film and TV Catering Company

Reliability, Personability, and professionalism should be your main selling points when looking to hire a film and tv catering company. We’re proud to say that we come personally recommended by some of the leading production companies in the industry. 

From award-winning menus to a service with a smile, here are the key advantages you should know when hiring a catering company for your TV and film company!

Come near, or far!

Rural locations, or bad weather should never put off a professional catering company.

Years of industry experience serving small and large scale shoots should have a catering company well equipped to take on any catering job at a moment’s notice, without being put off by a little drizzle or long drive. Built to order catering vans that are well maintained and regularly quality-checked are vital when it comes to sourcing an adequate catering company for your film shoot. Having worked on film sets up and down the country, and are on call to get food to your hungry crew whatever the weather, and however winding the journey to get there. We can set out as early as you need, and are usually the first on set to ensure breakfast is served for all of those commendable early risers. 

Options for everyone

There’s no point selecting a catering option that takes a ‘one size fits all approach’. As we know, the world of food has grown in option and personal selection over the years. There’s been a tremendous rise in non-dairy diets, as well as gluten-free options. With time on set being tight, you’ll need pre-planned options that ensure all dietary requirements are tailored to. We don’t wait for you to tell us a lift of preferences, our menus come bearing options for everyone to save you time, hassle and pressure. Premium made coffee is our forte, and beautifully crafted food is our passion. With Panda Coffee’s bespoke catering service, you can ensure there’s options for everyone when it comes to serving a busy film set. 

Within budget

Budget-friendly dining for staff doesn’t have to compromise on quality. Our coffee and food menus are both delicious, and tailored to match your financial brief. With lots of glowing customer reviews to tell the tale, you can ensure you won’t be confronted with any unexpected costs when filming has wrapped up! We help you stay within budget, and will communicate all costs with you. The advantage of an independent catering company  ensures an honest, and transparent service to ensure we’re on the same page when it comes to quality service. 

Feel the fuel of our beautiful coffee

For most of the team, caffeine is a lifeline when it comes to staying awake, and more importantly, proactive on set. Call times can be at the crack of dawn, and hot, organically-sourced coffee should be ready and waiting for all of the early risers. Our handcrafted beverages and sweet and savoury treats are all made to order on set. Feel the freshness, and taste passion with every sip. Our baristas and chefs are all trained and experienced when it comes to working amongst the hustle and bustle on a busy film-set. They work hard to make you feel relaxed and accommodated all day long. Feel the fuel of our divine coffee, that will have you nicely buzzing all day long. 

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