April 15, 2024
Choosing The Right Air Conditioning in Kingston

If you’re looking for professional and dependable air conditioning in Kingston, look no further than AC Installs. They offer phenomenal air conditioning systems in a range of residential, commercial and domestic settings. 

The Best Air Conditioning in Kingston

Their air conditioning service in Kingston is extremely suitable for small offices. They are aware that you and your staff spend a lot of time in the office and it can be uncomfortable during boiling hot or freezing cold weather. 

They take pride in solving your temperature problems with our air conditioning systems. They can assist all types of office spaces and if we don’t have a conditioner that fits, they will custom create one for you.

Regardless, their small high wall mounted units are ideal for smaller offices and homes while providing outstanding value for money and a quick turnaround. If your office does not have any free wall space, they can provide you with a compact in-ceiling cassette. This option is incredibly versatile and has a stylish look.

The installation of in-ceiling cassette units is also appropriate for bigger offices. This is because they can provide a maximum of 14kW of cooling capacity and 16.5kW of heating capacity per unit. They are aware that large companies in Kingston may have hundreds of people in the office that need to be kept cool and comfortable.

AC Installs are passionate about installing the most energy-efficient air conditioning systems which can be controlled from your PC or Mac. Besides, an excellent graphical interface that ensures accurate temperature year-round. Additionally, their heat recovery systems can provide low-cost free cooling or heating by transferring air around the building.

As for residential air conditioning, they know that domestic heat pump systems are becoming very popular, therefore, they aim to provide fresh air in their Kingston homes consistently. Their air conditioning systems for the home are vast, this consists of high wall-mounted, low wall-mounted, and ducted systems.

If you are interested in the installation of air conditioning in Kingston, contact AC Installs on 0208 5494 107 or send them an email at info@acinstalls.co.uk

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