April 14, 2024
The Best Camera Rigs For Film Sets In 2023

In many ways, camera rigs are the unsung heroes of film sets all over the world. While they might not get the same attention as expensive lenses and audio equipment, good camera rigs are the making of many of the most dynamic shots in modern film and cinema. Camera rigs are just as important – if not more so – now as they have been for most of film history, and today we want to take a look at three of the most commonly used and most indispensable camera rigs on the market.

Shoulder Rig

There are few tools in filmmaking as commonplace and as versatile as the shoulder rig. Allowing skilled camera operators far more control over the shot, the shoulder rig can be used for a wide variety of shots but is perhaps most commonly used for authentic feeling close-ups during dialogue scenes.

Crane Rig

Although not quite as popular as it was in the days before drone photography, the crane still very much has its place for the kind of high-angle shots that require a level of precision that drone footage just can’t quite manage. They’re also very useful for areas where drones aren’t allowed or might be considered impractical.

While there are definitely strong reasons why someone might choose drones over cranes, the latter still very much have their place as a modern camera rig and aren’t going anywhere soon.

Slider Rig

Whether you’re going for fast and flashy, or a slow pan, you just can’t beat a good slider. The slider is easily one of the most popular camera rigs in the world because of the beautiful smooth motions it can give. Slider rigs can be set up in straight lines or along curves to create a number of unique, elegant tracking shots.

Choosing Your Camera Rig

Finding the right camera rigs for your shots can be challenging and takes a good understanding of the various pros and cons of different rigs. If you’re working to a budget, then the best thing you can do is find the most versatile rigs for your purposes. Consider your requirements and do your research. Choose the rigs that will fit your needs and give you the most choice.

While these are the three camera rigs we would recommend most, there are plenty more out there worth investigating depending on the kind of footage you’re looking to shoot. Are you making adverts? Short films? Documentary content for social media?

Whatever you’re making, it’s always vital to make sure that you fully understand the needs of the project and find the best equipment to suit those needs.

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