April 14, 2024
How To Choose The Best Film Shoot Catering Services

We’ve been serving large scale film shoots for many years, which have taken us to stunning locations all over the country. We’ve learned the secret to making our company a renowned catering option amongst the tight-knit TV and Film Production community. Healthy, mouth watering street food is our forte, served by an enthusiastic team who simply love satisfying the masses with an efficient, all-rounded service. Our team of chefs have been there since day one, as our secret weapons building award-winning menus that are inclusive of all palettes. As Film shoot catering experts, we’re here to help you separate the good from the bad, and provide an education on choosing the best film shoot catering services

Brings people together

A top-quality catering service should aim to bring people together on set. Although breaks can be short, socialising is a key aspect to keeping the general mood positive and inviting on set. We aim to produce menus that incorporate an abundance of dining choices, and good hearty meals that will get people chatting and hanging out together between breaks. There’s nothing better than working on a set, where humour and good times keep flowing throughout the busy days (and nights!). Keeping your eyes peeled when it comes to a friendly catering service delivered by a team of down to earth foodies, is vital to ensure there will be a good presence on the day of filming that creates the right atmosphere. 

Never run out of options

With our service, you’ll never hear the disappointing utterance ‘we’ve run out of that option’. When we take on a job, we ensure that we never run out of options, so you won’t be rushing through breaks to ensure you can get your hands on something edible. Our menu infuses tastes of all types, and our menus come packed full of flavour and variety every time. There’s no excuses when it comes to fuelling your crew, and meeting all of their dietary requirements at different call times. This mentality is what has set us apart from the rest, and our can-do attitude has put us on the map as a go-to catering service for the TV and film industry.  Choose from wood fired pizza and delicious burgers, to smoked meats, pimped fries and chilli nachos. If we ever run out of a certain option, you’ll know well in advance, and we’ll always throw in a similar solution to ensure nobody will feel unaccommodated for. 

Quick and easy ordering

The ordering process can be a pain, without an efficient plan led by a team of people who know what they’re doing. We’ve established a system that doesn’t involve long queuing that not only brings the general morale down, but can even get in the way of takes, which is the absolute last thing you want when in charge of catering. Our team are polite, friendly and run a militant operation behind the scenes to ensure food is delivered quickly, on time and lives up to the standard it should. We don’t throw out food and hope for the best, we check back with you to see if everything is up to standard. Finding a film shoot catering service that can balance a quick service, with one that’s honest, friendly and switched on to the busy environment is crucial. 

Experience speaks for itself

A top-ranking production company knows that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why we let our extensive portfolio do all the talking, when it comes to backing our claims on quality and service. We set the bar for local catering companies, and have become the most trusted amongst the close community of TV and Film Production companies. Experience is always crucial when it comes to ensuring your catering service will hit the ground running, set up with little hassle and cleans up after themselves with no complaints. At Street Food and more, We’ve proudly created a catering experience that’s professional in every detail, and centres good food, good people and great times on set at its heart.

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