April 14, 2024
Festival Style Wedding Catering: All You Need To Know

Festival-style weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They offer a fun and laid-back atmosphere that encourages guests to mingle, dance, and enjoy themselves and can be held outside in the winter, or even in a large tent in the chiller months of the year. One of the key elements that can make or break a festival wedding is the catering, and as experts in the business, we’re here to fill you in on all you need to know when considering a van catering service for your festival-style wedding. 

Not only can our service add to the retro charm of your festival wedding, but can impact the whole festival-goer atmosphere that will have your guests second guessing whether your special day is actually a wedding day, or an exclusive Glastonbury afterparty!

What can you expect from a festival style wedding catering service?

When it comes to a festival style wedding catering service, you want a team of experienced people that will get on with the job on the day. You already have so many details to think about, so we look to make your day as stress-free as possible. This starts with clear and transparent communication across all our services, from our stock to the team members that will be assisting on such an important day for you and your partner-to-be. 

Meet your match when it comes to pre-planning

If you thought you had bridezilla potential, then you haven’t met our team of catering enthusiasts! Pre-planning and working to a well-ordered schedule is what makes our services a renowned catering option for weddings all over the country. We will sit down with you months in advance to ensure we have everything prepared before you special day, and typically like to over prepare to ensure we’re not short of any ingredients or food options on the day. 

A flexible service all-round

Festival wedding catering allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of menu options. You can choose to have food trucks, pop-up stalls, or even a DIY buffet. However we think there’s no better option than a bespoke food truck that adds to the festival aesthetic, and can be set up to suit your preference with easy access to your location. With our catering vans, you can cater to a wide range of dietary requirements and tastes, and you can create a truly unique experience for your guests.

Get’s people mingling 

Weddings can be an interesting place when it comes to getting odd groups together – 

especially when it comes to squabbling family members. However, that’s where we come in. Our catering services have the power to get even the most incongruous groups of people mingling and having a good time. We can have them falling into the illusion of your festival theme with no problem. It can be a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved, as guests get to see the preparation and cooking process up close and can sit and chat over some deliciously hot food. 

What are the key benefits of hiring a catering van company for your festival themed wedding?

Lots Of Variety

With festival-style catering, you can offer a wide range of food options to all of your guests. There’s gourmet options for all ages, where kids can enjoy their pizza favourites, and the parents can try something new. We guarantee that the variety of our services can make your wedding a memorable experience for your guests, as they get to try new and exciting food options or stick to what they love.

The Party Atmosphere You’ve Always Imagined

Festival wedding catering creates a relaxed and informal atmosphere, which can be perfect for couples who want to have a fun and laid-back wedding. It can also be a great way to break the ice between guests who may not know each other well. The party atmosphere is what will determine the success of your festival theme, so this should be a main focus when it comes to hiring a catering van company for your special day!

Saves You Pennies For The Honeymoon

Festival wedding catering vans are a cost-effective option, as we’ll cine fully equipped with all we need to make your catering option a huge hit! We’ll also be fully transparent with you about the costs of your festival-themed catering package, so that you’ll be left with more funds to make your honeymoon that extra bit wild – it’s time for that bungy jump you’ve always put off, or that abseil you said you’d do since your first date.  However it’s important to note, that as catering specialists, we never compromise on quality or variety for budget. 

To put it simply, festival wedding catering can be a great option for couples who want to create a unique and memorable wedding experience for their guests. It offers flexibility, interaction, variety, atmosphere, and cost-effectiveness, making it the ultimate choice for your retro festival-style wedding.

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