April 15, 2024
How Long Does Window Installation Take? And Other Window Replacement Facts

Are you looking at getting your windows replaced? Want to know how long it will take and how much it’s likely to cost?

Window installation is generally quite straightforward, but every house has its unique quirks and, as such, there can be complications along the way. Today we’ll be going over some of the basic questions about window installation and replacement, and what you might want to know before having your windows replaced.

The Benefits Of Installing New Windows

Before we talk about how long it takes, we’d just like to take a moment to explain the many benefits of new windows. Window replacement comes with an enormous variety of benefits including better energy efficiency when heating your home, increased property value, higher curb appeal, and a huge reduction in outdoor noise.

In fact, new windows can even pay for themselves in the long run, because they are not only an investment in the value of your home, but they’ll also help to cut down the cost of running it by reducing your heating bills.

That being said, it’s important to examine your options which is why, before buying new windows, you should always run the numbers on how much you expect to save. While this will vary depending on your exact circumstances, you should be able to find reasonable information online about how much you’re likely to be losing from your current windows and how much you could save from having better insulation.

How Long Does Window Installation Take?

Again, this will vary depending on your house and the exact type of windows you have, but as a rough estimation, you can expect window installation to take 1-3 hours. That being said, if time is a real concern then you should absolutely ask about this when hiring window installation professionals.

They should be able to give you good estimates on your specific job and will likely be able to provide you with other information concerning things like which new windows are the best to choose.

Can You Change What Type Of Window You’re Using?

Once again, there’s no simple one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but as a rule, yes. While this does depend on the type of wall and the type of frame, you should have quite a range of choices available if you want to change the type of window you’re using, and you probably should review your options before making a decision.
At the end of the day, window installation is not too difficult but can be quite specific to your circumstances. If you have questions, then the best thing is always to get a direct answer before laying money down.

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