April 14, 2024
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A double extension (also known as a double-storey extension) can be a useful solution for households everywhere. While a double-storey extension might seem too much to handle, it can be more cost-effective in the long term. It gives you added space in the home which can be easier and cheaper than having to move home. Of course, a double extension can enhance the home and maximise value. So, how to plan a double-storey extension?

Does a double extension require planning permission?

There are some instances where a double-storey extension falls under permitted development, however, these are few and far between. The trouble is that a double extension typically goes beyond permitted development rights. Regulations are also quite different from single to double-storey extensions.

Typically, you will need permission to build an extension if the overall height of the property increases or extends past eight metres of a detached property, six metres for an attached home. There are other regulations, however, that stipulate whether planning permission is needed for a double extension. It varies and is best to check with the necessary authorities so that you know where you stand.

Should you hire an architect for the extension?

A double extension can add value to the home and maximise the space on offer. It can be better and more cost-effective to hire an architect. Architects can create a plan that would work best for your home and needs. This is a valuable service because they can help plan the extension down to the last detail.

Is a double-storey extension worth it?

A lot of people are in two minds over a double extension and whether it’s right for them. The truth is that adding a double-storey extension can be worth the effort and money. It’s a good investment and can maximise space too. Sometimes, it’s easier to add an extension rather than move home to get the extra space you need.

The value of a two-storey extension

You can benefit from adding a two-storey extension because it adds value to the home. It can also be the ideal way to get additional space with minimum effort. Of course, you might think a double-storey extension isn’t practical for your finances but that’s not the case. A double extension can be a sensible choice for your home today.

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