April 15, 2024
How to stay safe from Covid19 this Halloween

Halloween is one of the favorite fall celebrations in the United Kingdom and everywhere in the world. This year, however, the COVID-19 pandemic presents some challenges for lovers of this holiday.

For people fully vaccinated against COVID-19, the risk of being exposed to the virus during Halloween festivities may not be as scary as it was in the previous year. But as COVID continuously spreads, it is important to help keep trick and treating or other Halloween traditions safe—especially if you have family members that aren’t eligible for vaccines yet.

Here are some ways to stay safe during Halloween.

Make wearing a mask Indoors a necessity

If you or any member of your home would be going to an indoor trick-or-treat event or any public festivity, make sure they are all wearing a face mask and keeping social distance.

Wearing a facemask indoors is an important routine since kids under the ages of 12 are not yet eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. Note that they may be a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated children, teens, and adults at these events, and mask usage would reduce the risk of transmitting the COVID virus.

Handwashing should also be encouraged.

Think outside the box

How to stay safe from Covid19 this Halloween

Make sure you stick with outdoor trick-or-treating in very small groups. The virus is less inclined to spread outside than in a poorly ventilated indoor space. Keeping social distancing from others outside your home is another good way to curtail risk. Make sure children and adults in your home know to avoid large groups of kids crowding at doorsteps or anywhere else the spoils of Halloween are being handed out.

If you want to give out treats,  distribute them by sitting them outside and lining up individually prepackaged goodies on a table for the taking. Non-edible treats are a good option, especially for individuals who suffer from food allergies.

Don’t ignore any of Halloween safety basics for outdoor trick-or-treating. If your kids will be going out after dark, mark their costumes using reflective tape. Remind them to be careful around vehicles because drivers may not see them. Also, make sure all shoes fit well and costumes are not too long so they prevent tripping or contact with fire.

Do more outdoor costume parties, parades and community events

Outdoor parades, parties and attractions are safer than indoor public events. For example, rather than bringing up tasks that involve a haunted house, you could consider using a haunted forest or corn maze. Ensure all programs and activities are focused on safe ways to have fun offered by a park district, arboretum, zoos, pumpkin patches, apple orchards in your area are other reasonable options.  Make sure the usage of hand sanitizer is mandatory before and after touching what you pick.

Always ensure everyone wears face masks regardless of their vaccination status for now.

Making Sitting Arrangements Safe

For additional safety, you would want to place tables and chairs to allow for social distancing between guests who have come from different households. When it comes to cutlery, plates, and drinking cups, using disposable ones may be the safest alternative.

Make sure guests bring their food as a safety precaution

As a host, you may suggest that guests bring their own food and drink to avoid sharing with others. Where this is not possible, restrict contact with shared items or surfaces.

In conclusion, and most importantly, if you feel sick or think you may have had some sort of exposure to the virus, please avoid all social gatherings to keep your friends and family safe.

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