April 14, 2024
IQOS Healthier

Harmful perceptions of tobacco and nicotine products can influence their use, and policies aimed at changing behaviour could address these perceptions. IQOS was first implemented in the United Kingdom in 2016, and there has been a minimal independent qualitative study on IQOS damage perceptions. This study looked into how users and those exposed to the emissions perceive the health risks of IQOS. What influences these views, and what do participants want to know about the dangers of IQOS.

What Exactly Is a HEET?

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A HEET is one in which the tobacco is heated at a lower temperature than traditional cigarettes. Nicotine, a highly addictive substance, is present in several goods. The HEET causes the tobacco to produce an aerosol or smoke, which can be breathed and includes nicotine and other substances. They’re tobacco sticks made particularly for the IQOS devices by IQOS UK. Unlike traditional e-liquids, there is no need to mix bottles. Instead, while you smoke, the tobacco sticks progressively release the UK flavour Heets. You can give it a shot.


In London, the UK, qualitative interviews were conducted with 30 present and former IQOS users who smoked or had quit smoking in the previous two years.


  • Although there remained a lot of ambiguity, IQOS was thought to be less dangerous than smoking but not risk-free. 
  • Although suspicion of the tobacco business heightened scepticism about risks, the dominance of manufacturer statements affected perceptions that IQOS is less hazardous than smoking to users and those around them.
  • Due to a lack of independent and long-term studies, there was confusion regarding the risks, while some participants believed IQOS would not be promoted if it was extremely hazardous. Participants desired more independent and long-term investigations investigating harm.
  • Although printed warnings conveyed some damage, the appearance of HEETS (tobacco sticks) packaging conveyed minimal harm because packages were ‘beautiful,’ without graphic/specific signs. Participants sought additional information about hazards on the HEETS packages.
  • Heating tobacco was judged to produce less dangerous chemicals than burning, whereas smoking, nicotine, and chemicals in HEETS were perceived to cause some harm. Participants wanted to know more about the dangers of heating tobacco and the substances in HEETS.
  • Perceptions of harm were lowered as physical health, and personal appearance improved.
  • When using IQOS instead of smoking, differences in sensory experiences (taste, sight, smell) reduced damage perceptions, whereas ‘black’ deposits inside IQOS increased perceptions of harm. Non-users exposed to IQOS emissions had their feelings of liability lowered as the volume and smell of the emissions were reduced.


Although there remained a lot of ambiguity, IQOS was thought to be less dangerous than smoking but not risk-free. To others, participants sought impartial sources of information about IQOS risks in easily accessible formats, particularly regarding HEETS ingredients, heating tobacco, and emissions.

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