April 14, 2024
Best TV Studios In London

Mount Pleasant Studio is one of the best TV studios in London. We are fully equipped and soundproofed which has allowed us to host a variety of productions such as television commercials, TV station promos and corporate films. Our TV studio only has one stage so clients will have total privacy when filming.

Features Of Our TV Studio In London

Outstanding Facilities

As an exceptional TV studio in London, we provide incredible facilities such as a main studio and basement.

Our main studio is 31ft wide and 41ft deep with a full lighting grid at 15ft. Additionally, we offer a 400 Amp power supply and 150 MB broadband connection. Not to mention, a U-shaped infinity cove.

Likewise, our basement is the perfect assembly area that consists of large green rooms with sofas, meeting tables and cable TV as well as changing rooms and showers. Plus, a makeup and wardrobe room for all performers.

Advanced Lighting

We provide a large array of advanced in-house lighting such as 4 Arri SkyPanel S-60 C lights and Arri T12 12Ks. Besides Kinoflos and a Dedo kit to further enhance aesthetics.

High-Tech Camera Systems

As one of the best TV studios in London, we offer high-tech camera systems that allow high speed and motion control. Due to our experience in the industry and our range of industry contacts, we can supply any equipment you need.

State-Of-The-Art Green Screen

For innovative backgrounds when filming, we offer four different green screen packages as well as custom sizes to match the needs of your shoot. In addition, for smaller projects we provide chromakey green drapes 9-12ft paper rolls.

Smooth Live Streaming

Mount Pleasant Studio would not be an outstanding TV studio in London without the ability to seamlessly broadcast live events around the world such as awards shows and presentations. Our superfast fibre broadband of 150mb/sec connection ensures there are no interruptions.

Our live streaming is shot in front of a set or by replacing our chromakey green background with a virtual studio.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, our fast connection allows clients and agencies to collaborate in real-time.

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