Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy is a life changing experience, but every woman’s body reacts to it differently. Some mums sail through their pregnancy but other mums struggle more with the changes in their body. No matter how easy, or tough, you are finding your pregnancy, a pregnancy massage can help. When you are growing a baby you definitely deserve a treatment, or several. It could be a bath and face mask at home, or, you may fancy something a bit more luxurious and opt for a spa treatment.

We recommend you wait until after your first trimester before having one of our pregnancy massages.

The Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massages are specifically tailored to the needs of the expectant mother. Pregnancy massages can promote relaxation and can alleviate the tension and pressure on joints and muscles that often occurs during pregnancy. Massages during pregnancy can also decrease swelling in the limbs by increasing blood and lymph circulation. Finally, massages can help raise your endorphin, oxycontin, serotonin and dopamine levels, increasing your overall happiness which is beneficial for both you and your baby.


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