April 14, 2024
How the right production catering service can benefit your filming project

A catering service is always going to have the benefit of feeding your crew in large quantities, however there are many factors that mark a good service from a great TV and film catering; A service that you can depend on, time and time again. A production catering service, and the team that delivers it on set, should be professional, approachable, flexible and worth the investment, to name a few qualities. 

If you’re researching production catering for your filming project, then we can assure you’ve come to the right place. We’ve worked on some very exciting filming projects, from star-studded movies to thoughtful documentaries and entertaining TV shows that you’ll certainly be familiar with as an industry specialist. 

We’re here to tell you how the right production catering service can completely transform the outcome of your filming project, and why The Mobile Pizzeria has become an industry favourite from a culmination of hard work, a talented team of passionate people, and of course, a stunning selection of top-quality pizza menus. 

What qualities make for a top-standard production catering service?

Improved productivity with nourishing options

When cast and crew are well-fed and hydrated, they are more alert, focused, and productive on set. Good nutrition will help reduce fatigue and prevent dips in energy levels for those longer filming projects. A production catering service that provides options that are packed with nutrition, and kept hot and fresh throughout the day is sure to enhance the magic made on screen. 

Better atmosphere

Providing food and drinks on set helps to create a positive atmosphere and can improve the morale of the cast and crew that are giving their all on set, where filming stents can last up to 16 hours on an average project! It can also show that their well-being is a priority to the production company, making a catering service a winner all-round. 


With production catering, there is no need for the cast and crew to leave set to find food, which saves time and helps the filming schedule to stay on track. This is especially true when it comes to location shoots. Production catering companies that have years of experience will make it their mission to ensure food is delivered to even the most remote of locations, and that food is kept fresh en route! 

What sets The Mobile Pizzeria apart as a reputable production catering company?

Menu Variety

Production catering services should offer a variety of food options to cater to different dietary requirements and preferences, making it more inclusive for everyone on set. Our chefs bring their individual expertise and passion for fine flavour and collaborate on ideas to ensure our menus are varied, wide-ranging and accommodating to all palettes. Menu variety is key to any successful catering company, and we find broadening our knowledge of food options out there has us extra prepared to deal with any last minute requirements made by production teams on the day of service. 


At The Mobile Pizzeria, we work hard to accentuate the professional image for the production company. Our quality service works to show your cast and crew that they are taken care of, and that their hard work deserves a catering service that they can enjoy, and that accommodates all of their individual needs and wants. 

Client Portfolio

Our portfolio of production companies is practically unrivalled. We put this down to consistency; across our team, our menus and of course, across our production catering services that go above and beyond to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere everyday on set. Our client portfolio includes the biggest names in the industry, which we’re always looking to grow and progress. We’ve always believed in the value of listening, and tailoring our services in light of the honest input of the special people we get the honour of working alongside. 

Production catering really is an unsung essential part of any film set, providing numerous benefits that can help to ensure a successful and productive filming project from the very first shot, right up to the long-awaited ‘that’s a wrap!’. 

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