April 14, 2024
5 Reasons to Rent Camera Equipment Instead of Buying

It is not easy to find cheap photography equipment, and this can often put you off buying a new camera, lens or piece of kit. Luckily, forking out big money to buy isn’t the only option available to you.

You may want to consider renting the equipment before you buy, it is the best way to make sure the kit you are considering is actually suitable for your needs.

Date before you dive in

You wouldn’t marry someone you’d never been on a date with, so why purchase a brand new camera without taking it out for a few test runs. Renting camera equipment gives you a chance to go on a few dates before saying your vows and making a financial commitment you may later regret.

Camera bodies and lenses often cost several thousands of pounds, so make sure the gear fits your needs and shooting requirements, hire it first.

Renting for a specific reason

Rent Camera Equipment Instead

It often makes more sense to rent camera equipment when it is a specific piece of equipment that you only need for a specific occasion. If you are going away to shoot something special, for example a safari trip where you want to be able to capture animals in the distance, you may not want to fork out £10,000 for a lens, instead you could rent one.

If you wont use the camera equipment enough for it to pay for itself

If you are contemplating picking up a camera that you know you probably won’t use often, then you may want to consider renting it instead. Renting can be far more cost effective than financing the kit, or buying it outright, if you are only going to use it now and then. A general guide is that if you are going to use the camera less than 20 days out of the year, it makes more sense to rent it than to purchase it.

If you dont want to travel with your equipment

Going on holiday with all your equipment can be a bit of a drag. It can be costly to check it in as luggage, and you may be worried that it won’t even come out at the other end. Instead, you could rent camera equipment and arrange for it to be delivered to your accommodation. Just make sure you rent it in advance so you avoid missing out.

If you are just getting started in photography

If you are just getting started in photography you may want to rent equipment before committing to a certain brand or product. You can read as many reviews as you like, but unless you have the product in your hand it can be hard to tell if the two of you get on. Renting gives you a chance to try out a range of cameras and lenses so that you know which one suits you best.

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