April 14, 2024
The Rise of Live Streaming: Why You Should Choose A Studio

Over recent years live streaming has increased in popularity exponentially. Once reserved for news channels and radios, the general public is showing more and more interest in live streaming, thanks to the creation of social channels such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch. 

As interest grows, so do opportunities. Content creators are turning to live streaming as a primary source of income, as it can generate a great deal of money through promotions, sponsorships and ad deals. As live streaming becomes more people’s livelihood, the demand for reliable tech, wifi, kit and space becomes a bigger problem. 

That’s where live-streaming studios come in…

Why Hire A Live Streaming Studio?

Dedicated workspace:

A live streaming studio is a dedicated workspace for you to record. You won’t be interrupted by traffic from outside, knocks by the postman, or your significant other popping their head in to ask if you want a cuppa! If you hire a live-streaming studio, you can rest assured you will be left in peace to record!

Superfast broadband:

Our live streaming studio comes with superfast broadband speeds of up to 900mb/sec upload connection. We can broadcast live around the world, and we have been live-streaming programmes, award shows, and presentations for a number of years. When you hire a live-streaming studio, exceptional broadband is part of the package.

Chroma key:

Most live streaming studios will come with a chromakey green screen, so you can customise your background within a ‘virtual studio’. A chromakey green screen gives you the option to create endless effects in your filming, allowing you to unlock your creative potential.

Specialist equipment:

When you hire a live streaming studio, it will come fully equipped with all the specialist equipment you need, to create a great live stream. Lighting, filming, sound, broadband connectivity… it’s all there! All you need to do is turn up!

Looking to hire a live-streaming studio? At Mount Pleasant Studio we have the perfect studio, in the heart of Central London. Just get in touch to find out more.

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