April 15, 2024
Setting Up Scaffolding: How Long Can You Expect It To Take

If you’ve never worked with a scaffolding company before, then the chances are that you’ll probably want to do your research before going much further. The only problem is that, depending on the project, the answers to your questions could vary massively. There are many types of scaffolding, each with their own unique pros and cons. Today we’ll be going over some of the basic types of scaffolding, how long they take to set up, and what kind of timeframe you might reasonably expect from a reputable scaffolding company.

Types Of Scaffolding

There are many types of scaffolding, but according to the United States Department of Labour, they can best be categorised into three simple groups.

  • Suspended Scaffolds: scaffolding that is suspended from a building, generally by means of poles, frames, or other methods of load bearing.
  • Supported Scaffolds: scaffolding that is held up by ground support, also usually consisting of poles or frames.
  • Ariel Lifts: Equipment used to raise workers to the required height.

A Reasonable Timeframe

Naturally, ariel lifts are the fastest but also the least versatile form of scaffolding. They’ll get you to the right height quickly but they’re generally not much use for major projects.

Supported scaffolds are arguably the most common form of scaffolding but also tend to be the most extensive. Technically, both supported and suspended scaffolding can take anywhere between a few hours and a few days to set up depending on the scale of the project but either way, a good scaffolding company should be able to give you a reasonable estimation before work even begins.

The Hallmarks Of A Great Scaffolding Company

As with any good company, the hallmarks of a great scaffolding company are good communication, good customer service, and excellent results. In practice, this means that any scaffolding company worth your time should be able to tell you right away how long the project should take to set up. This is important so that you can establish a construction timeline from the outset.

They should also be able to give you advice about what the most appropriate kind of scaffolding for your project would be. After all, scaffolding companies are the experts on all things scaffolding and they should be able to talk you through their products, explaining the pros and cons of each in relation to your building project.

All in all, a good scaffolding company is one that you can place your trust in. That means they’re confident in their knowledge, diligent in their duties, and responsible in their advice. In the long run, finding a scaffolding company like that will save you all kinds of effort.

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