February 26, 2024
Benefits Of Sash Windows

Sash windows are one of the most popular windows for homeowners. Despite previously having issues with maintenance and energy efficiency, advances in technology have improved the performance of sash windows without sacrificing their aesthetics.

Why Install Sash Windows?

  1. Decrease Noise Pollution

Sash windows can be fitted with thick glass that reduces outside noise. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for homeowners who live in busy neighbourhoods or near roads with lots of traffic.

Other windows are just as effective, but sash windows allow you to keep a vintage look and still experience all the benefits from modern technology.

2. Enhance Energy Efficiency

Installing sash windows ensures drought is minimised during the cold, winter months to keep your home feeling toasty and warm. Whereas, when it gets hotter, they help to reflect excessive heat from the sun to keep your house cooler.

Modern sash windows are weather-proof and energy-efficient all year round, so you can remain comfortable in your home while reducing utility bills.

3. Reduce The Chances Of Burglary

Sash windows can improve home security due to their multiple locking points. This makes them a lot more difficult to open than older windows that can be opened very easily.

Not to mention, modern sash windows consist of a subtle security bar that prevents burglars from breaking into your home with specific tools. In addition, a key lock that ensures both the top and bottom frames of the window are secure.

4. Tough and Long-Lasting

It doesn’t matter what weather conditions your sash windows are exposed to, they are incredibly durable and resistant to damage. You can rest assured that once installing sash windows, they will last you several years.

This is in complete contrast to lower-quality windows that can become weak and brittle during extreme weather like snow or heavy rain.

5. Easy To Maintain

Finally, modern sash windows require very little maintenance. Of course, there is nothing wrong with hiring professionals to assess the state of your windows. However, you can maintain their condition yourself by cleaning them frequently and squirting WD40 on the hinges to keep the sliding mechanism working smoothly.

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