April 15, 2024
Travel Restrictions In 2022 – Covid Test London

All testing measures for eligible fully vaccinated tourists arriving in the UK will be abolished at 4 a.m. on February 11 due to the government’s commitment to restore the travel sector.

With the reforms announced on January 24, 2022, the United Kingdom will have one of the most free-flowing borders in Europe and the most open economy and society.

The travel requirements are being simplified shortly before half term, which is good news for families seeking to travel overseas during the school holidays and boost the tourism industry.

Thanks to the UK’s vaccine and booster deployment, the government can now lower the number of travel restrictions, providing a more proportionate approach for travellers. At the end of February, fully vaccinated travellers will only need to fill out a simplified passenger locator form (PLF) that confirms their vaccination status, travel history, and contact information. They need to have an extra day to complete it before travelling.

Travel Restrictions In 2022

The framework established today is meant to be long-lasting. It intends to provide stability for travellers and the travel sector until 2022. We ensure that the UK is one of the best places to do business in the world.

From February 3rd 2022, children aged 12-15 in England will be able to use a digital NHS COVID Pass to prove their vaccination status or proof of prior infection for nonessential travel. It will make it more accessible for children and families to travel to countries where evidence of vaccination or initial infection is required to gain entry, avoid isolation, or access venues or services.

It will also be more manageable for families to arrange vacations for the February half-term. Parents will be reassured that they will promptly prove their child’s vaccination status or proof of prior infection for outbound travel and meet the standards of other nations.

The Secretary of State for Transportation stated:

We are taking the right decisions at the right time, and it’s paying off thanks to our vaccination and booster rollout, which has allowed us to eliminate nearly all COVID-19 travel restrictions for vaccinated travellers safely.

We already have one of Europe’s most open economies with few regulations, and thanks to recent developments, we now have a travel sector to match.

This next stage in our secure and safe return to foreign travel significantly boosts UK tourism, freeing the country ahead of the critical half-term and spring vacation seasons.

The UK will reduce travel restrictions for unvaccinated newcomers and be one of the first Western European countries to abolish isolation requirements for all arrivals who do not qualify as fully vaccinated. Persons who have not been vaccinated will need a pre-departure and a PCR test. On or before day two after arriving in the UK. Also, they will not be required to self-isolate upon arrival and will only be needed if the test results are positive.

We’ll improve our relations with key global markets, and from February 11 at 4 a.m., we’ll accept vaccination certificates from 16 more countries and territories, including China and India, at the border.

Health and Social Care Secretary Stated:

We’ve progressed in our battle against COVID-19, and we’re taking it slowly as we learn to live with the virus.

Because of the vaccine’s potency, now is the best moment to take this extra step toward restarting international travel.

Extending the NHS COVID Pass to children aged 12-15 in England will make outward travel easier for families, and I am pleased we have done so in time for the February half-term.

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