April 15, 2024
Fund Manager

A fund manager is a professional in the investment industry who is hired by a mutual fund company to manage schemes provided by the fund house. A massive responsibility of this fund expert is to manage a funds portfolio and look after all trading activities.

They try to achieve the investment objective of the fund by using their investment strategy. However, a fund manager usually has many clients and must ensure they keep all investors happy.

Fund professionals tend to possess an extensive level of education where they have studied investment and how to effectively analyse markets. Apart from that, they have a huge amount of experience in market analysis and deal with a range of scenarios.

The Roles Of A Fund Manager

A fundamental part of a fund manager’s job is research. Day to day they must identify the best stocks and bonds that have the highest chance of meeting an investors fund objective. 

Once they find lucrative assets, they add these to the portfolio, while getting rid of investments that are not financially rewarding.

To discover how worthwhile certain investments are, they research the financial portfolios of privately and publicly traded companies.

This includes keeping up-to-date with global economic events, reading financial briefings and collecting a large array of other information. Not to mention, they often engage in meetings with company personnel and industry experts to gain greater insight.

After they have completed all their research, a fund executive will create a shortlist of companies that match the investment objective of the fund they are in charge of. Next, they will begin trading these stocks and aim to increase funds.

Furthermore, fund management professionals are also responsible for devising investment reports. These explain the portfolio composition of the fund and review the results from each investment.

Onwards, fund managers work with other departments such as sales and marketing where they attend a range of events to promote funds and represent their company. This is a good opportunity for them to meet new clients and access new information about their market. 

Besides, attending investment-related panel discussions to promote their fund house and the funds they are managing.

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