April 19, 2024
Asbestos Report

An asbestos report is a crucial document that provides information about asbestos in a variety of properties. In every report, the type of asbestos-containing materials, the amount of asbestos found and the whereabouts of the asbestos are all stated.

The main purpose of an asbestos disclosure is to prevent workers or residents from being exposed to the harmful substance by being aware of its presence. Therefore, safety precautions can be implemented to prevent harm.

Apart from this, it can be used to contain asbestos-related information in risk assessments as well as prepare asbestos registers.

Every asbestos report should be conducted by a qualified asbestos surveyor who has knowledge and experience about the substance. In their report, they should include the condition of the substance, the type of asbestos discovered, where the asbestos materials are located and analysis of an asbestos sample.

When Do You Need An Asbestos Report

Asbestos reports must be carried out in a range of situations. It is extremely important when construction work is planned on a property. This is because workers may be exposed to harmful asbestos materials which can be fatal if precautions are not made.

Another major circumstance is when a domestic property has public areas like hallways. These spaces tend to be busy and asbestos can harm many people if not identified and removed.

According to the Control Of Asbestos Regulations 2012, asbestos reports should be undertaken every six to twelve months. This includes risk assessments, surveys and other necessary documentation.

Why Asbestos Reports Are Important

Many roles have a high risk of asbestos exposure, this particularly consists of practical workers such as plumbers, electricians and construction specialists. Hence, asbestos reports prevent these individuals from suffering serious health issues.

Once asbestos is identified many precautions can be taken. However, if workers and residents are not aware of asbestos in the building and it is disturbed, this is where the risk of harm increases.

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